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PMDD Treatment

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lizResearchers are examining the reason why some women prone to PMDD, including variations in hormone sensitivity, history of other mood disorders, and personal differences in the functionality of brain chemical messenger systems. Antidepressant treatments recognized to work via serotonin circuits work well in reducing the premenstrual symptoms. Women with the likelihood of despression symptoms could be more vulnerable to the mood-shifting negative effects of hormones.

“I almost did not realise what time of the month it was. It was my Bill (her husband) that first told me that I was looking and behaving incredibly well. He said it was the first time in 5 years he was feeling relaxed and not anxious and nervous because of me.

I nearly broke down and cried it just felt so much better. That was last month, this month is the same. It is GONE … what can i say! :)

Liz Inglis
Ontario, Canada


For mild to moderate symptoms, your medical professional may suggest modifications to your diet and life-style.

Successful treatment solutions are available for PMDD.

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stephan“Thanks you once again for the copy of your book Jane. Just a little background on Laura. She has had extreme PMS for as long as I have known her which we now realize is PMDD. She would range from sullenness and headaches to extreme violent outbursts and violent actions on many occasion. It has frequently interfered with her work, our marriage, and our children. She took some anti-depressant drugs for a while but they made her feel worse and she couldn’t sleep properly making her just as irritable and hurting her health.In any case, she hates doctors, and she is very proud so never seeks help for herself so i was a bit nervous about giving her the book but I tried when she was in a good mood and she said she would attempt it. I will email you if it has any impact in a few months, can you please remind me too?”

10 weeks later

“Well, what a change from a few weeks ago. Laura has made a remarkable turn around and is getting better every week. It took some coaxing and help but she stuck with your plan and she is a very different person now before her period. Not only this but she says she feels like she has a lot more energy and gets headaches and bowel problems a lot less too. I really do believe that this regime is working incredibly well … much better than I had anticipated as I can be quite cynical. Laura says thank you.”

Stephan Savlovski (For his wife Laura)
Florida, USA



Other treatments include medication, change in lifestyle, supporting psychotherapy and nutritionary approches.

Medication treatment for PMDD: such as antidepressants, antianxiety drugs, pain killers, hormones and diuretics.

Psychotherapy for treating PMDD: variety of techniques for stress reduction and relaxation which include exercise, traditional counseling and stress/behaviour management techniques.

Cognitive-behavioral remedy entails 12 or possibly even longer weekly sessions that deal with improving dysfunctional negative thoughts and developing valuable managing approaches. Several research studies have discovered this as a promising treatment for PMS and, potentially, for PMDD. Teaching affected individuals and their families in regards to the disorder can promote understanding of it reducing conflict, tension, and symptoms.

Dietary Approches for curing PMDD: diet corrections such as high carbohydrate dishes and lessening salt, caffeine and alcohol consumption, give some thought to frequent modest dinners. Vitamin B-6 and Magnesium is effective for patients with PMDD. Vitamin e antioxidant, an antioxidant, has a tendency to reduce the affective and bodily indications of PMDD. Tryptophan, a substrate for serotonin, may also benefit a number of patients.

Life style Changes for the treatment of PMDD: Numerous patients would rather try lifestyle changes and/or natural supplements as a starting point in the therapy of PMDD. Way of living adjustments such as regular training or some type of aerobic exercise is beneficial for your overall health.

Women with PMDD may be helped by the following:

Regular exercise 3 to 5 times a week
Sufficient relaxation
A nicely balanced diet (with an increase of whole grain products, vegetables and fruits, and decreased or no salt, sugars, alcohol consumption, and caffeine intake)
For many ladies, the severity of signs and symptoms increase over time and last right up until the symptoms of menopause (when menses ceases). That is why, a woman might have to have treatment for an extended length of time, and might have to have a number of reevaluations to adjust prescription medication doses through the treatment course.

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